Tinka Magocsi, founder and creative director of Perfectly Planted Botanical Designs, started the company at the young age of 17 when Mrs. Brown, a soon-to be-client, noticed Tinka’s work featured in an eleven-page spread in Chatelaine Magazine (May 2001). Mrs. Brown admired the seasonal outdoor arrangements so much that she wanted them replicated for her very own home. And that is exactly what Tinka did. She was commissioned to create every four months unique outdoor seasonal planters that would reflect each new season and changing botanical trends. It was not long before Mrs. Brown’s neighbours took notice of the planters. More like works of art, they too, wanted planters to grace their own homes.

After a few seasons of designing planters, Tinka started to tend her client’s gardens, always careful to respond to each one’s individual needs. And she was a natural at this. As a young child in the early 1990s, Tinka spent three years working on her mother’s farm in eastern Slovakia on the southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. Although not knowing a word of the local Rusyn language, she quickly learned the ways of farm life — when and what to harvest, how to detect diseased crops and rid unwanted pests, the art of composting and soil amendment, and, the most valuable lesson, that everything has a purpose and nothing should go to waste.

Wanting a change from farm life, Tinka moved to France to study the art of floral design. She was hired and trained by Amelie Joseph, a veteran of florist design, who had an atelier in a small town in the south of France.


Most of Joseph’s work catered to clientele who resided in Monaco, Cannes, and St.-Tropez — a world in which the extraordinary was ordinary. It was here that Tinka learned that the very same species of plants she was originally taught to value as food could also be used as decorative items in one’s home or as status symbols at celebratory events.

After returning home to the New World, Tinka was accepted into the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in sculpture and installation. Most of her university projects were horticulturally based, culminating in an inventive transformation of a handicapped washroom into a “living wall” room. Three of the four walls were covered from floor to ceiling with a combination of sphagnum moss, living bark, various Bromeliads, ferns, Tillansia, orchids, and more. Truly an urban oasis!

Today, with her home office and studio based in Toronto, Tinka successfully runs Perfectly Planted Botanical Designs, serving clients throughout the city and the GTA. Catering to everything horticultural, Perfectly Planted does it all!